Before Y-Weight, I honestly thought I was good a losing weight, but I had NEVER been successful at keeping it off. I heard about Y-Weight about two years ago and finally realized I needed help, and that was when I decided to enroll in the program. My life has changed 100% since participating in Y-Weight. I am so much more knowledgeable about food choices, amounts, and the hidden truths about weight gain.

I also have gotten into a daily exercise routine which has been a contributed tremendously to my weight loss. I am beyond proud of my success. Thanks to all the personal attention, encouragement, knowledge and discipline I received from Y-Weight I have been able to maintain my weight . If you are considering the Y-Weight program, definitely do it! The one to one approach is the way to go. They will cater the program to fit your personality and lifestyle, and you will be surprised how successful you will be!

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