I was always told I was "normal" and that I had nothing to worry about: my peers respected me, I loved learning and school, and I was a fine athlete. But, there was always something inhibiting me from fully embracing myself, my individuality. Having grown up in a health-conscious family with two very thin sisters, I felt at a loss when "I kept outgrowing my jean size" at a time when my weight should have been stabilizing. I had no one to turn to -- I thought everyone would think I was crazy for worrying about my weight at such a young age. After months of frustration, I finally mustered up the courage to ask my mother if I could tag along with her to her appointment with Mariah.

Upon first meeting Mariah, I was welcomed into her home with warmth and a strong sense of determination to accomplish my goal of eating right, implementing exercise back into my daily routine, and losing the excess weight. Without her inspiration and constant positive reinforcement I would not be where I am today. I can now say that I am knowledgeable about the food choices I make, I enjoy exercising, and I am confident in my body!

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