I decided to participate in the Y-Weight Program because by losing control of my weight, I felt like I was losing control of my life as well. The level of joy that I had felt in the past had diminished so that there were few things that brought me happiness. Since participating in this program, I feel like I am in charge of myself once again. My self-confidence has done a 360 and now, instead of dreading invitations to dinners or parties, I look forward to them.

My focus has shifted from “What could I wear that will look decent on me?” to “What fun this event will be!” I define success as bringing up children to thrive in the world, and to be in charge of the state of my mind and body. I feel successful in both of these areas. There is no price you can put on that! I would tell anybody considering the Program to not hesitate! They owe it to themselves to finally get involved with a hands-on program that actually works. We are all worth it!

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