Individual Program

  • An experienced, dedicated, personal coach guides you through the weight loss and year long maintenance process.
  • Weekly training sessions focus on the behavioral skills essential to sustained weight loss
  • In-person, weekly sessions (Dover, Ma).
  • We are also experienced in working successfully with clients across the U.S. using our phone and email option.
  • Four week coaching contracts are renewed monthly.

Are you committed to learning to manage your weight? If you are ready to partner with a weight management coach who has an impressive track record, then you are ready for our most popular option, the Y-Weight Individual Program.

Our Individual Program works best with people who are highly motivated and prepared to work in a partnership with us. Weekly individual sessions with frequent contact during the week is what makes this process so effective. Clients who are open to the expertise of our coaches will see the best results.

We will always tell you the truth: learning to manage your weight requires a serious commitment from you and from us. The challenge of managing this condition has never been greater. The good news is that we have never seen as much long-term success in our program as we are seeing now. We know more than ever before about what is required to be successful. Our coaching is based upon the facts of health science and the art of a high level, experienced coaching relationship.

Our Individual Program can put you back in control of your life. We can help you start living a healthier lifestyle, now.

Program Fee: $460 per four week contract