Family Consult

  • Available to families in the greater Boston area (Phone-based coaching option is available in other areas).
  • Focusing on parents, the consult provides direction based on essential facts and specific “how to’s” that will immediately impact your family.
  • This information will give you and your family the confidence to make positive lifestyle changes.
  • One 75 minute session.

Our Family Consult focuses on helping parents help their children. We provide the strategies and support to allow you to take the first steps that make the biggest difference. Leading by example, parents are able implement effective practices that produce results for everyone. Often families schedule a series of consults to ensure continued progress.

Most families are unaware how prevalent overweight is. Today, more than two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese with virtually every age group being affected. Children of overweight parents are at particular risk of suffering from overweight.

If you are concerned about your child’s weight, or you would like to prevent your child from experiencing unnecessary weight gain, consider a Y-Weight Family Consult.

Families in the greater Boston area can receive in-person coaching. Families outside the area or who need more flexible scheduling can speak to us regarding our telephone and email-based coaching options.

Our Family Consult is flexible and will be crafted to your family composition and needs.

Family Consult: $200