Corporate Program

  • Intensive lifestyle change program produces weight-loss results and will have your employees excited about their health!
  • A variety of programs are available depending upon corporate needs.
  • Corporate programs are available in the greater-Boston area.

Today, two-thirds of Americans are overweight. All projections suggest this problem will continue. Excess weight is associated with many chronic conditions as well as significant compromises in quality of life, all of which contribute to dramatically increased healthcare costs.

The Y-Weight program is geared towards promoting positive lifestyle changes to produce healthier and more productive employees.

We offer a variety of corporate programs which are listed below in the order of the most resource-intensive to the least:

On Site Weight Management Program:

  • Comprehensive weight management program including weight loss and maintenance classes.
  • Highly structured weight loss groups held at the work place either before, during or after work hours.
  • Weekly attendance commitment strongly advised.
  • On-site classroom and storage areas needed.
  • A minimum commitment of one year is required.

Seminar Series:

  • Engaging and thought-provoking educational information on specific topics related to weight and health management.
  • Series tailored to the goals established by the Company and its employees
  • Two to 8 week programs available.

Program Pricing: Variable and contingent upon scope of contract.