There are no magic pills or quick fixes when it comes to weight management. At Y-Weight, we understand that successful weight management is possible and that there are essential components to success.

Everyone is different. One size does not fit all. However, successful weight managers have several things in common.

What do you need to succeed?

  • Frequent contact with a personal coach. Y-Weight professionals support you in working through the personal challenges that make your weight management difficult.
  • A commitment to attend each scheduled weekly session
  • Detailed tracking of your progress to make your job easier
  • There are two phases to the Y-Weight program, weight-loss and weight-loss maintenance. Both are equally important. The results of the weight-loss phase are dramatic but the maintenance phase protects your investment.

After decades of research and clinical work, we are clear why some people are successful with their weight and some are not. We restore hope for success. We give you help. We give you the direction that is critical for successful weight management.


We will tell you the truth: our program requires a serious and mutual commitment. If you are ready to work on managing your weight and are open to our coaching, you can reach your goal. The results you experience will change your life.

Y-Weight is different from other programs in that we will match your commitment to your success. We have learned through the years that people are more likely to succeed with their weight management goals when engaged in personalized coaching. It’s simple: our weight management expertise enables you to get more out of yourself than maybe ever before. You will be amazed by your progress!


Most people have never been taught the facts and skills required for successful weight management. Healthy food choices are difficult to make. More than ever before, foods are higher in fat and calories…and are available almost anywhere, at any time! In addition, it is extraordinarily difficult to sustain a regular exercise program. It’s easy to be “Too busy”, “Too tired”, or simply “Just don’t feel like it!”

Our highly specialized team has decades of hands-on experience in helping people of all ages and backgrounds develop the skills and confidence to lose weight and maintain weight. Experience does matter.

We know it is not easy. We know you could use help. "If you are motivated we are ready to help"

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